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Blogger FearlessFaith said...

I just have one question ... Where Are All The Christians? Funny, I don't hear the moral outcry! Where is the Promise Keepers, Focus on the Family, 700 Club, Joyce Meyers, all the other "Christian" churches, ministries, organizations, individuals and moral Americans, regardless of faith? Surely the Katrina failures and Americans living in abject poverty are issues of morality, right? What about Bush acting as a dictator and spying on Americans in America? Anyone heard from the “Christians” on that issue?

How many of Dr. Dobson's, Joyce Meyer’s ... children serve on the front lines in Iraq? Why aren't Christians demanding answers to hard questions? Was the war started on the bases of misrepresented intelligence, half truths and lies? Why haven't Christians spoken out against the war instead of advocating for it? Surely sending other peoples’ children to their deaths in a war that may have been based on lies is a moral issue, right?

Why haven't Christians supported Cindy Sheehan? Agree or disagree with her position, her son died defending a cause that this country told him was just, right? Why are Christian's attacking and attempting to discredit her? Could God possibly be pleased? Where is the moral outcry?

Christians advocate for strict interpretation of the Constitution, right? Where's the clause that says Bush can spy on Americans at will? Does that mean that Black Americans will be required to revert their former status as three fifths of a person as the founding fathers intended? Could that be the reason that Bush ignored and disregarded their welfare while continuing to enjoy his vacation during the aftermath of Katrina? Are racism and discrimination moral issues?

Why do Christians seek to abolish affirmative action knowing that Americans are still denied access to equal opportunities? Why aren't Christian churches teaching the truth? Haven't white Americans continuously benefited from affirmative action and been afforded preferential treatment because of their status as legally superior based solely on the color of their skin? Where's the Christian outcry?

Why do "Christians" seek to abolish abortion regardless of circumstances e.g., rape, incest, life and health of mother, when they don't speak out against the death penalty? Aren't the poor and minorities, some innocent, the vast majority of the individuals sentenced to death in America? Is that hypocritical? God is pro life, right? Where's the Christian outcry?

Why don't we hear the outcry from Christians that we heard in the Terri Schiavo case when every state in the US is pulling the plug on poor people or denying life sustaining treatments everyday when it refuses to authorize Medicaid funds to keep them alive? Killing people who can't afford their hospital stay or treatment is a moral issue, right? Where are all the Christians?

Why aren't "Christians" speaking out against the Medicaid and student loan cuts and the politicians responsible for those cuts? Isn't God's standard how we treat the "least of them"?

Why do Christians disparage those who disagree with them on political and social issues? God loves them too, right? Why are Christians silent as Americans are labeled and divided into liberal and conservative and red and blue?

Why do "Christians" refuse to speak out on ethical issues,
investigations and/or indictments of Karl Rove, S. Libby, Tom Delay, Bill Frist and ...? Surely God does not support selective morality, right? Isn't a moral issue a moral issue regardless of who is involved?

Why aren't Christians demanding that Bush fire and the government prosecute Carl Rove for exposing and jeopardizing the life of Ms. Plame because her husband spoke out about Bush's justifications for going to war? Christians advocate for the family, right? What about Ms. Plame's family? Does it count? What about Iraqi families? What about the families who believe that Bush and/or his policies are evil and that "Christians" who support his policies are being duped and mislead? Do their families count?

Why didn't Christians speak out against the banking lobbies' legislation that Bush signed into law that prevents or makes it extremely difficult for people with desperate financial circumstances, e.g., serious medical conditions, victims of Katrina and other disasters, to get a fresh start by abolishing their debts? Is putting financial institutions over human beings a moral issue? Where is the Christian outcry?

The silence could not possibly be due to the fact that holding Bush and the Republican controlled Congress accountable would not advance ”Christians" political agendas, could it? Surely politics won't trump morality, will it?

Why aren't Christians and like minded moral Americans demanding and independent investigation into the lack of federal response to the greatest natural disaster in American history? Why were dead, rotting, bloated, human beings floating in putrid water through the streets of America with dogs, cats, snakes and alligators?

Is it enough to minister to and help the survivors after the fact? Or, should Christians and other like minded Americans demand that policies are in place to prevent their victimization? Why are we refusing to ask the hard questions and demand answers? The buck does stop with Bush, right? Where is the Christian outcry?

Why aren't Christians being encouraged to take a serious look at the policies these individuals, groups or self described ministries advocate. The scripture speaks of those who will come in the last days and deceive many, even the very elect! Faith without works is dead, right? Where are all the Christians?

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