Saturday, December 24, 2005

The name of God

It is tempting to look at these religious leaders during the time of Jesus and say, "Wow, am I glad that I am not like that!" But is there any way that you are like these religious leaders who apparently were guilty of taking God's name in vain and guilty of being dishonest in their dealings with others?

People who call themselves Christians sometimes use the name of God in a flippant manner. Do you ever tell jokes that have the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit in the joke? Do you ever flippantly say, "Oh my ...."? Do you catch yourself using the name of God in the same way that you would your father, sister, or even your dog?

God is special. The names of the members of the Trinity are special. Their names are holy. Their names are specially set aside for special honor. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit make it very clear in their Word, that the cheap use of their names can lead to disaster. For that matter, the only commandment that states that God will not hold the person guiltless for breaking a command is the command that makes it abundantly clear that we have absolutely no business taking the name of God in vain.

Do you love the Triune God? Then show your love for Father, Son, and Holy Spirit by showing love and respect for their names.


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