Saturday, March 18, 2006

Covenant Family Fellowship

Do you ever wonder what attracts someone to a church? My opinion is that programs are the biggest attraction for people. Music programs, youth programs, and program programs are the order of the day.
From what I understand from scripture and church history, the early church would meet in homes where there was prayer, scripture, sermon, financial giving, and Psalm singing with absolutely no musical instruments.
How did the early church grow without programs? The early church grew numerically and spiritually. How could this be? They must have had programs. And there must be verses in the Bible that say that churches should have programs.
Hmmm.(Warning, tongue in cheek ahead)
Go into all of the world and set up programs that excite and thrill and attract.
II Opinions 3:12
And Paul went into all of the towns and set up exciting programs that both empowered
and entertained.
I Hezekiah 13:4
Faith, hope, and youth group, but the greatest of these is the youth group.
III Jude 16:123
And Paul and Silas were thown in jail for not starting a church with the proper foundation: The Praise Team.
II Apostles 17:19
In closing, these verses have been brought to you by the Reversed Standard Version. Is there a sin in your life that you do not want to give up? Is there something that you want to prove that you cannot find evidence for in conventional Bibles. Then try the Reversed Standard Version. You can find what you want in the Reversed Standard Bible.


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