Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Tongue

How we listen and how we speak should be very important to Christians. A lot of times Christians will pass along a piece of truth about someone only to find out later on that that truth was really falsehood. Or they will pass along something about someone that really is true, but should not be repeated.
"I got it from a good source", and "It is true, so that is all that really matters." are not all that we should require before we pass along information about other people.
I strongly believe that it is good to ask good honest questions like:
Is the information about the person true?
Will the Church of Jesus Christ be strengthened by the passing along of this information?
Am I getting some kind of pleasure or revenge by passing along this information?
During my time on the internet, I have noticed some very questionable passing on of information by Christians about other Christians. We need to treat others in the way that Jesus would have us to treat them, even if that means that the truth will not get out.


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